Right fit payment solutions for your business. 

The new standard in selecting payment providers.  

sideb removes barriers and matches you with payment providers that will help grow your business.



Adding a secondary payment provider as part of a continuity plan has become common practice for merchants of all sizes. Develop a continuity plan that encompasses existing and future acquiring requirements.


Coaching clients through compliance is a specialty. Whether you're tackling chargeback claims resolution changes, PCI or PSD2 compliance - we have you covered. 


Having an optimized and competitively priced provider stack is key to managing payments related costs.  We can review your total cost of acceptance and provide cost saving recommendations.


Book an acceptance design workshop to get the low-down on operating rules and regulations that effect your workflows.  Already have your design and need a payment provider who can support it?  Cool.  Let us match you up.


  • 2-3 hour video conference workshop
  • In person workshop available (see Travel Policy)
  • Review of current operating rules and industry regulations that effect your workflows
  • Best practices review
  • Each workshop is client specific


  • Acceptance Design Matching report includes review of...
  • Current acceptance practices
  • Acquiring requirements 
  • Corporation structure and operating model
  • Customer purchase and return policies
  • Matched provider list

Simple Story

Payment products, industry players, compliance requirements and customer purchasing behaviors continue to evolve and effect how the payments industry sells its services to merchants.

sideb levels the playing field by matching merchants with providers that can support their business from a card acquiring and operating requirements perspective.

"sideb matches merchants to providers they might not have considered because of lack of information or lack of access.  In turn, providers working with sideb-matched merchants spend their time boarding the right deals."

- Stacey Wiles, President, Stromden Consulting Inc.

All Businesses Welcome

From garage start-ups to global juggernauts, sideb can help your business.  If you're new, we can get you selling online quickly.  If you're not new, we can get your payments mix optimized for growth and global dominance.

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