Question: Who is sideb?
Answer: sideb is the flip side of Stromden Consulting Inc.'s consulting services.  The team at Stromden automated the data gathering and client profile part of their most common projects and then made it available to the masses...and voilĂ - sideb.

Question: Am I doing business with sideb or Stromden when I sign up for a program or purchase a sideb product?
Answer: Stromden Consulting Inc. is the company, sideb is a service provided by Stromden and falls under the sideb program services agreement.

Question: How does the pricing work?

Answer: Starting the month of commercial launch (aka "go-live") with the payment provider, you will be billed the cost of your program on a monthly basis for the first 12 months.  For example, if a Domestic Payments Program client processes $150,000 (USD) in one calendar month, sideb will invoice the client $150 for that month's billing.

Question: How do you calculate the amount to invoice me each month?
Answer: We pull your monthly processing statement each month for the first 12 months following commercial launch and use the gross sales figure to calculate your monthly invoice amount.  Additional info on all that can be found in the sideb program services agreement.

Question: Does the program price include the provider's payment processing fees?

Answer: No, your payment processing fees will be billed by the payment provider separately.  

Question: I can find my own payment provider.  Why would I use sideb?
Answer: Easy - time & money. We cut the time from provider discovery call to contract in half or more by getting down to brass tacks with the provider and bypassing the sales stuff.  We know your business requirements, we know which providers can support those requirements and we know how to engage them on your behalf.

Question: Do I have control over which payment providers are implemented?
Answer: Yep - you have complete control over the payment providers you apply with. We also support Immediate Setup - for those clients that prefer flat rate processing fees and want to start processing right away. Your sideb representative can walk you through your options.

Question: Once I pay the initiation fee and submit my intake forms, how long until I receive my list of matched providers?

Answer: Most lists are generated, reviewed and sent out within 24-48 hours depending on the complexity or you processing requirements.  Your sideb representative will be in touch with you within 24 ours of receiving your intake submission no matter what - to touch base and to go over any of the information submitted that may require further clarification.

Question: What if I just want the matched provider list and don't need you to do the setup?

Answer: Only the initiation fee will be charged, you take the list and DIY to your hearts content.

Question: What if I don't need a resource to manage the program services offered, but need payments consulting for a project?
Answer: Give us a call for a custom program quote or to discuss whether sideb or Stromden consulting services are a better fit for your project.

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